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Our Vision

Through the game-changing power of uncovering, designing and orchestrating tribal workflows, together we can build best-in-class digitalization and automation across silos, systems and enterprises.

mSE POINTOUT GROUP – IS A TRUSTED INNOVATOR IN BUSINESS PROCESS DIGITALIZATION: Under a new entrepreneurial roof and direction, the mSE PointOut Group has combined mSE Solutions’ history, track record and industry experience with PointOut’s core competencies to strategically help our clients discover, connect and automate untapped areas for business process digitalization.

DISCOVER: Our thought leadership will strategically help companies detect and address blind spots: tribal processes and over reliance in technology.

ORCHESTRATE: Our solution consulting connects thought leadership into practical solutions: from conceptualization to implementation, adaption, and value.

AUTOMATE: Our “light touch” OpenPlatform technology enables digital orchestration and integration of business processes across boundaries.

Cool Vendor Report. From tribal to orchestrated business processes.

As respected thought leaders with a proven history in supply chain management, mSE Solutions is proud to be named a Gartner Cool Vendor. Read more about how this distinction in innovation, impact and intrigue recognizes our strategic and initiative-taking approach to identifying business process opportunities, mitigating risks and creating innovative e2e digital supply chain solutions

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We offer a comprehensive Portfolio of Consulting & Technology.

mSE PointOut Group holistically connects the strategy of digital cross-functional e2e supply chain solutions with light technology process integration.

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PointOut®.AI is a platform to build composable apps to support processes e2e.

Process apps powered by PointOut®.AI build a process-centric overlay, composed of existing business capabilities, comple- menting missing ones, by utilizing smart technology like CI / AI / ML.

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mSE Solutions

mSE Solutions stands for supply chain end-to-end. Our innovative S&OX© approach underlines our thought leadership ambition.

Our claim - We Innovate. We Transform. We Integrate. We Operate. - summarizes our approach to partnering with our clients from strategy to process and from innova- tive idea to implementation.

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